An introduction to HPC

Making use of the cluster

The HPC facilities at the NBI provide a fantastic resource for computational biology. This course will introduce you to these facilities and provide hands on experience in how to use them. You'll also get to know the people running the cluster.

Next session: October 2020


  • Matthew Hartley
  • Chris Bridson


For all potential users of HPC clusters at NBI.


High Performance Computer (HPC) systems have been in use at the NBI site for many years. A small amount of training is required before attempting to use these systems, and the aim of the workshop is to introduce new users to the concepts and techniques required. Staff who are planning to use the NBI or TGAC clusters for their work are strongly recommended to attend.


9:30 Welcome and introduction
9:45 What is a cluster?
10:00 Cluster computing at the NBI
10:15 Connecting to the cluster, moving data and loading software
10:45 Coffee break
11:00 Interacting with the scheduler
12:00 Further examples

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you should be able to:


Familiarity with basic Linux commands (e.g. ls, cd, mkdir etc) is needed. No programming knowledge is assumed or required.

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