Introduction to Scientific Computing

What the JIC can offer

Research in biology is increasingly dependent on computational approaches. From bioinformatics and quantitative image analysis to data visualisation and numerical modelling, scientific computing underpins many aspects of modern science. This course will introduce you to the resources, support and training available at the JIC.

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  • Matthew Hartley


The intended audience includes anyone at the JIC interested in how scientific computing can help their research and what facilities and support the JIC has to offer.


Computational approaches are a critical part of research in biology. However many tools and techniques for Scientific Computing are complex and resource hungry. The JIC provides a wide range of facilities for carrying out Scientific Computing as well as support and training for users. This introductory session will explain how to get started and give you opportunities to ask about your project.


10:00 Introduction
10:10 Scientific Computing at the JIC
10:45 Discussion and questions
11:00 End

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you should be able to:



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