Introduction to Phylogenetics

Aligning sequences and building trees

The course aims to provide the basics of building and interpreting phylogenetic trees. It will provide lectures on the principle of phylogenetics and hands-on practice of using various freely-available programs used in phylogenetics studies.

Next session: Spring 2021


  • Marielle Vigouroux
  • Jitender Cheema


Anyone with no or very little experience in phylogenetics.


The course is split over two half-days with the first half-day mostly covering alignments and the second half-day dedicated to building and analyzing phylogenetic trees. A surgery will be held on the afternoon of the second day where participants will have the opportunity to bring their own data.`


Day 1
10:00 Start
11.30 Coffee break
13:00 End session 1
Day 2
10:00 Start
11:30 Coffee break
13:00 End session 2
14:00 Start of surgery
16:00 End of surgery

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you should be able to:


No previous experience is needed.

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